Content Layering in Social Media

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Content Layering in Social Media

By Dylan Kohlstädt


So you’re active on social media, hooray. Welcome to the club of people trying to work this new, crazy space out.

In my recent, popular blog, Why your Social Media Sucks: The Five Layers of Social Media, I covered how you can go from “me too” social media to “next level” social media.

In this blog I’d like to cover layering of content in your social media plan.


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It’s pretty simple, but it will give your content structure, and make it easier for you to plan your daily content.

You could decide to do all of this daily, but you’d definitely overwhelm your followers. What we’d suggest you do is make Mondays your Influencer days, and Tuesdays your Staff Profile days and so on.

This gives your content structure and focus. And all of the above can fit nicely into your monthly theme.

Remember that all the content you produce should be authentic and generate trust, whilst building relationships with your communities and followers.

If you’re doing it well, you will have a fair amount of shares. If you’re doing it badly, it’ll be ‘crickets’!



Tip of the day: If a post is doing well and getting good organic engagement, we suggest you boost that post so that more people see it! Something about it works. You might not be able to replicate it next week, so boost it so more people see it.


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