WhatsApp Status Takes the Instant Messaging World by Storm

WhatsApp Status, a new WhatsApp feature similar to SnapChat, has now enabled users to post videos, photos or GIF’s for their contacts to see instead of a simple text status. This feature went live on Android and IOS smartphones across the globe on 24th February.

What’s new?

No longer will users have to update their boring text-based status messages that (and let’s be honest) no one really bothered to read in the first place, WhatsApp’s new status feature now allows you to form an emotional connection with your contacts.


WhatsApp Status works exactly like SnapChat and Instagram Stories with limited features like filters. Now, when users access WhatsApp on IOS, the new update shows a new icon on the extreme left at the bottom. On Android, the tabs are ordered as follows: Camera, Chat, Status and then Calls.

So what the point of the Status feature?

Think of it as a way to share your daily activities, broadcasting something fun to your contacts, only it won’t be sent as an individual message. These WhatsApp Status stories, just like Snapchat and Instagram, only lasts 24 hours. After that, the story will disappear and start again the next day.

Whatsapp Status Update

Here’s how WhatsApp Status looks, and how it works on Android

How do I set up my first WhatsApp Status?

1. First, go the Status tab, tap on the broken circle with the plus symbol on the tab.
2. The camera will open, and you can either click to take a normal photo or press and hold to shoot a video.
3. Then you can either send a video or edit it as GIF images and then send it to your story.

Exactly like SnapChat, WhatsApp Status allows you to view how many people have viewed your story. Just click on the eye icon at the bottom of any Status update to view the list of contacts who have viewed your story.

WhatsApp Status and business

From boring text-based status messages to awesome video- and image-based stories, the new Status now allows for transparency between you and your contacts, and makes it easier to share online experiences. This is a great way for businesses and brands to share information personally with their customers.


This new WhatsApp update is available as an OTA update for IOS and Android. To learn more, check out the WhatsApp help center here.

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